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Massage Date Resource

Ok… so if I get asked this again, I’m going to scream — “will you let me massage you?” According to the law of the United States, that isn’t legally possible but I wanted to find some additional way to help you so you gain some kind of value rather than thinking it’s just about getting a professional massage which is what our service offers!

So Felicia hunted down to find a resource that she thinks will help curb your enthusiasm (awesome show, too, right?) when it comes to find the resource you’re probably really looking for– she used it and said it probably is the best approach.

Massage Date Ideas

There are some women out there — you can probably find them — that simply want massage dates. They meet for massages, primarily. If you’re going to get a body rub, don’t mistake it for a massage night. Massage dates have been rising in popularity, so don’t discount it at first thought if you’ve never heard about them!

Massage Date Night

So if you’re not in a relationship, that doesn’t mean that you can’t join in for a massage date night. Simply follow along in the guide for $47 and find out how to make it an interesting evening. Massage date nights are probably going to be the next best thing, and that’s why we’re posting the material first!


We’re not your date massage parlor girl so if you’re simply looking for a massage date, now you know where to go. After we get back into business, we look forward to providing you with a professional body rub massage!